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We have been a distributor of HW for heavy loaded computer networks for 18 years  

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Experience with data recovery since 2002 and high success rate

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Experience with creating Internet applications and graphics design

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Production and development of own products - WODASIGN.NET / WODASPORT/WODASOUND.COM 

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We offer consultations in the field of IT - information and data networks - capacity, throughput, risk analysis, penetration tests, definition of security measures. We also supply wireless Wi-Fi data and 4G 5G LTE modules worldwide. There is no continent, where we would not have a satisfied customer! Yes, we have already supplied our Wi-Fi modules in Antarctica! You can find our modules, for example, in wind turbines, drones, ships, aircraft, both civil, acrobatic and military… on land, on water and in the air. NASA has also ordered samples, so the next goal is to get them into space!

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We will recover your data immediately, first we will perform free diagnostics and after agreeing on the price and the time needed for recovery. You only pay for successful recovery.

We prepare complete equipment for small and large offices, we will help you with the selection of the most suitable PC components and we will train your employees.

Our online support is active 24/7 and will take care of any problems related to IT

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Wodaplug.EU / COM

It's never been easier - use the cleverly existing coaxial wiring of the common TV antenna and SAT. Years of experience with smaller and larger projects. New optical networks too!


You will find a whole range of our unique products on our new e-Shop wodasign.net

Smart multimedia centers for your cars or powerbanks.


Favorite music for sports on the go - wireless speakers and Wodasound headphones. 

524wifi.EU / COM

Worldwide distributor of WiFi and LTE 4G / 5G miniPCIe and M.2 modules

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Tomorrow Systems, s.r.o. is a stable Czech company focusing on the progressive branch of the IT market with an 18-year of history. By an unexpected coincidence, the company has developed over the years into a progressive player in the IT technology market. We are certified supplier for example for: Škoda auto, Nokia, Huawei, Datto, SATcom Direct Avionics, Drone Shield, WolfVison, JCDECAUX, LIBELIUM, Netmodule, OMNIACOM, New Aircraft solution, Patriot technologies and many others. There is no continent where we would not have satisfied our customers, yes we have already supplied our modules in Antarctica! Here you can read about the biggest ones.

We are a certified supplier of:

Škoda auto

Czech-German car manufacturing giant

VW is a German carmaker founded in 1937 by the German Labor Front and Ferdinand Porsche at the request of Adolf Hitler, known for his iconic beetle based in Wolfsburg. VW is one of the largest car manufacturers with worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017. The group's largest market is in China, which accounts for 40% of its sales and profits. Popular Volkswagen models include the Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan and, of course, our Škoda cars are the best.

Known worldwide

Found in 1937

Awarded with many certificates

Stable company

We are a certified supplier of:


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Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is a multinational company based in Espoo, Finland. The subsidiary Nokia Solutions and Networks is the world's largest producer of infrastructure for telecommunications networks. In 2016, it employed over 100,000 employees. Until 2014, the company played a major role in the Finnish economy, being by far the largest Finnish company. Nokia's share of Finnish GDP was as high as 4% (it fell below 1% in 2015) and the company accounted for almost a quarter of Finnish exports. Since 2006, its turnover has been higher than Finland's entire state budget.

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Smooth cooperation

Mutually beneficial business relationship

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Veronika Horká

Accountant, logistic

Karel Horký

CEO, 5G LTE divison

Pavel Fric

Sales, support

Jan Veselý

Technician, manager

Karel Horký

Webdesigner, Webmaster