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We supply wireless Wi-Fi data and 4G 5G LTE modules worldwide. There is no continent, where we would not have a satisfied customer! Yes, we have already supplied our Wi-Fi modules in Antarctica! You can find our modules, for example, in wind turbines, drones, ships, aircraft, both civil, acrobatic and military… on land, on water and in the air. NASA has also ordered samples, so the next goal is to get them into space!

Several Heureka Product of the Year awards, Reddot design award and more !!! Tradition since 2002 The best sound, endurance and mobility in its category!

Tuned smart multimedia audio products and unique outdoor solar power banks.

Data recovery from all types of data carriers - free diagnostics.

Wi-Fi for public transport passengers - buses, trains, planes, stations…

How to distribute the Internet throughout the apartment complex using the existing coaxial cabling of a common TV antenna or satellite. 

"Gig" optical network for fast internet and smart HD TV in your village with a total cost of less than CZK 100,000? It's working!

EOC Blocks of Flats

Reference projects of computer network distribution over coaxial cables of common TV antenna and SAT distribution.

We covered the entire resort with the Internet, which has a large area and a total of 150 villas, which were connected by a central COAX distribution.

Internet and IPTV in Apartment blocks using EOC – Ethernet over coax cable technology – and use existing coax cable wiring!