Verified quality service for more than 20 years

Our qualified technicians do their job on a professional level. Proper connection will ensure impermeable and high quality hardware for tripleplay internet services.

Tomorrows datarestore

We professionally sanitize data on all types of media (from IDE hard disks, SCSI, from disks connected in RAID arrays, backup tapes, magneto-optical media, floppy disks, ZIP, JAZ, Bernoulli, CD, DVD), we operate on: MS (FAT, NTFS - all forms), UNIX, LINUX (EXT, EXT2, EXT 3), APPLE (HSF, HSF +), Novell (NVFS-all varieties, NSS), OS / 2 (HPFS), AMIGA (IFS), most encrypted FS (if it is not a mechanically damaged data layer).

Tomorrows data transfer

We offer consultations in the field of data transmission and distribution of Internet services for end customers. Our HW offers solutions for demanding and atypical data networks WiFi, EPON and EOC - Internet via coaxial cable. Our WiFi modules are popular for professional WiFi hotspots and Internet-type applications for passengers or for demanding data video transmissions and industrial applications.

Treat yourself with quality goods for reasonable prices

Tomorrows Trade

deals with the development, sale, service and demonstration of the latest IT technologies. We offer tuned special editions of speakers, EarBuds headphones, power systems and a smart multimedia center / car radio for your car with its own firmware, state-of-the-art solar power banks. Several Heureka Product of the Year awards, Reddot design award and more !!! Tradition since 2002 The best sound, endurance and mobility in its category! Sound tuned series for 2021! New products for the Czech Republic every year!